Weborf is a lightweight webserver designed to rapidly share directories. Runs on POSIX systems and is meant to solve this problem.
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Created the page for the GUI program qweborf.
It also contains two screenshots.


· 2011/05/02 15:44 · LtWorf

Released 0.13

Version 0.13 was just released.

Amongst the most important changes:
- Support for mimetype
- Can support large files
- Can be used with inetd/xinetd
- Ships qweborf: QT GUI for simple file sharing
- Can send directories as tar.gz files
- Directory listing and dav's PROPFIND can be cached on disk
- Migrated to GNU autotools


Full changelog

· 2011/03/26 17:56 · LtWorf


Developement version of weborf now uses GNU autotools.
The svn version does not contain the configure script, which will need to be generated using:

autoreconf -f -i

After this command, normally execute

make install

The releases .tar.gz will not need this procedure since they will contain the configure script.

· 2011/02/14 17:38 · LtWorf

Released 0.12.5

Bugfix version 0.12.5 has been released.

This fixes a DoS vulnerability caused due to an error when handling certain HTTP fields. This could be exploited to terminate an affected server via e.g. specially crafted HTTP headers containing wide characters.

Upgrade is strongly advised.

Thanks to ipax of DcLabs Security Group for finding and reporting the issue.


· 2011/01/28 14:39 · LtWorf

Released 0.12.4

Just released weborf 0.12.4, it fixes a DoS that occurred with invalid requests.

For example:

echo -ne 'GET\t/\tHTTP/1.0\r\n\r\n' | ncat localhost 80

Kudos to Michel Arboi for reporting this.


· 2010/10/27 15:12 · LtWorf

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