Weborf is a webserver, it uses a partial implementation of the http protocol.


Weborf uses the thread pool pattern to handle his threads.
When it starts it creates a first group of thread, and they will serve incoming connections without terminating. If there are more connections than threads, a second group of thread is created. And so on… When the hi-traffic situation is over, it will slowly terminate existing threads, to free memory.
If the number of threads reaches the limit, new incoming connections will be dropped.

To change the default behaviour, see the compile page.


Weborf is also able to execute scripts.
It is also possible to use script to perform authentication.


Weborf can be used to let clients surf a site.

It is possible to start it quickly, with no need of being superuser. So it is often a good choice to share a directory with other people (see how to do it) without needing a particular client.

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