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 +By default weborf uses 8080 port.
 +===== Why? =====
 +To use the standard http port (80), root permissions are needed. So, since weborf's purpose is to share file without loosing time doing configurations, the standard port is 8080.
 +===== Use the standard port =====
 +To use the standard port, you'll have to run
 +<code bash>
 +sudo weborf -p80
 +You will be using the standard port, but it is dangerous.
 +So it's better to use another user instead of root.
 +Executing this commands:
 +<code bash>
 +USERID=`cat /etc/passwd | fgrep $USERNAME | cut -d: -f3`
 +sudo weborf -p80 -u $USERID
 +weborf will use the standard http port and then use www-data permissions. Of course you can use any user you wish.
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